Oct 15, 2011

When Batman Is Away...

When Batman Is Away...

...playing with Louis Lane, Superman gets to have a little fun with Catwoman!! You know what foreplay is for Super Hero's? Getting into a fight on a rooftop, I just had to watch those claws!! (although a little scratching is hot!)

Sileny Noel is a fellow blogger, and we both blog on Free*Style from time to time. I was battling insomnia and up far to early this morning when she asked me to blog with her. You can see her style credits here * Broke By Payday *

I am wearing a Superhero Clarkie Costume from Anders Mistwallow. More costumes can be found on the MARKETPLACE

The poses Sileny and I are using are from the Super Hero (fly pack) from D.Luxx Poses. You can check out D.Luxx on the MARKETPLACE

Background image from the net, it's not mine. I'm practicing blending SL with stock images, so my editing and photoshop on this picture isn't that good.

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