Apr 27, 2012

Bounce This Poses - teaser pic of new store

Bounce This Poses (store build)

 I will be moving my store to a new location, the picture is a teaser pic of the inside of the store. The store along with the rest of the build will be very urban/grungy. Very similar to the Virtual Decay sim.  My idea is the store along with some area for bloggers/photographers to take pictures.  I hope to be in the new store on May 1st, so stay tuned.

Bounce This Poses - On the Edge
Just a reminder the Pose Fair is coming to a end. The Pose Fair ends on April 30th, and if you missed it, I added the "On the Edge" pose pack at my store at the Pose Fair for $75L.  Once the fair ends, it will be in the main store at regular price. Don't forget there are a couple freebies located at the Pose Fair, and hit the subscribo thingy for future notices and giveaways!

TP to Bounce This Poses @ Pose Fair

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