Apr 29, 2012

FaMESHed (Venue)

On May 1st, the very first edition of FaMESHed will begin. What is FaMESHed you ask? It is a new monthly event that focuses on mesh items. FaMESHed is a concept, combining quality and creativity with the attributes of Mesh. Whether it be Clothing, Accessories, Home & Garden, Props or Footwear, FaMESHed is excited to bring all of them together in one location.

What can you expect? The best creators of original mesh, in one place. The items they will be selling are only available at FaMESHed at that time. These creators are the very best at what they do in SL.

What you won't see? This is NOT a discount room/event. These items are original creations, original work, and not used from templates from the MP. They bust their ass to make the best stuff for you, and are all leaders in mesh creations on SL. 

To see the FaMESHed Blog and list of creators, click HERE!

I will be posting more info and a landmark to FaMESHed when the event begins.  

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