Apr 19, 2012

"League of Zeros"

League of Zeros
"Hi, my name is Bouncer, and I'm a mesh addict"..waves to everyone.  When I get some time to go shopping, I'm probably a little different than most. I don't go looking for clothes, I go look for cool mesh avi's.  Pictured are my "League of Zeros", my  motley group of mesh avi's that I'm compiling.

My "League of Zeros" from left to right, starting with the back row. The stores are linked.

Venom (3d MESHiah)- got his ass whopped by a kid in a red & blue suit, so he joined the League of Zeros. He looks badass in his rad suit, but he has a chip on his shoulder.

Scarecrow (3d Meshiah) - He is the League of Zeros resident junkie, with his needled fingers. He craves loud rock, and loud ugly woman. A decent fighter but he good to have around for the parties. 

Orc (3d Meshiah) - He is the bad ass of the LoZ. If he doesn't whoop your ass with his hands, the gas he expels from his ass will. See he is lactose intolerant, but loves milk and drinks it by the gallons.

Baal (HORO) - Aly (alein) is the quiet but deadly fighter, just as soon kill you as to look at you. He can't stand Venom (notice them staring at each other), and looks for the right time to take him out.

Troll Face (Grendals Children) - what can you say about Troll Face, he usually starts all the fights and arguements, and when the fighting begins, he'll step aside and laugh at everybody while they fight. That's what trolls do!

left to right, bottom row

Frankie (Grendals Children) - he looks cute and cuddly, but he suffers from lil dick syndrome, and will kick your ass starting at your ankles (Frankie is the only non mesh avi pictured, but to awesome to not post)

Psycho Teddy (3d MESHiah) - he would rather cut you to pieces as look at you. Has a dis-taste for kids who drool, but loves the gingers. Stick a hot red head in front of him, and watch the player come out in him. 

Polar Bear (3d MESHiah) - the lover of the LoZ. He hasn't been in one fight, but is kept around because the chicks dig him. He sleeps all day and parties all night

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