May 23, 2012

Fashion Fears

Fashion Fears

Fashion Fears! It's not my fear of bling, or the male goth/biker/vamp mullet hair from freebie island! Fashion Fears is a store I was introduced to yesterday, they've had a line of ladies clothes, but Fashion Fears has dove into making mens clothes.

The leather jacket and jeans I'm wearing are both from Fashion Fears, casual, mesh, and textured very well.  The jacket with shirt comes in black and brown, and you get three tee shirt options with each jacket.  The jeans come in black and blue, you get regular and skinny jeans with each package, and also the option to have torn jeans.

Fashion Fears is a must, guys swing by the store, grab a demo and check it out.  Ladies, if  you haven't heard of Fashion Fears, you definitely need to check them out!

Skin: Belleza - Jacob 
Shape: mine
Hair: Dura - Boy 33
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes Azure
Earrings: Aitui - Tiny Plugs Red Star
Jacket: Fashion Fears - Leather Jacket-Tshirt Black Size 2 (NEW)
Pants: Fashion Fears - Jeans Normal Fit v1 Size 1 (NEW)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - Suede Black/Orange
Necklace: [Y]style - Sunahama Necklace blue

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