May 22, 2012

Haven't Been Yet? Whatcha Waiting On?

Sways Summer House 2012 

Still haven't been to the Home & Garden Expo?  Why not?  Just a few more things I wanted to share, cause I need to get back to blogging mens clothes, and making poses.

The house is the Summer House 2012 from Sways.

What Next Charlotte Living Room B

What Next - Charlotte Living Room Set B
The Strawberry Box - Hall Table w/ Decor

FD Decor & Mudhoney

Mudhoney - Taylor Bed (not at H&G Expo)
FD Decor - Mudroom Cabinet
Fucifino - verona out on a limp lamps


Sways - Deckchair (Vacation)
Sways - Lawnchair (Peace) w/guitar

More info on the Home & Garden Expo HERE! 

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