May 18, 2012

Home & Garden Expo - BoatHouse

Home&Garden Expo - BoatHouse 1

The Home & Garden Expo starts on May 19th, with the best creators and designers spread across a bunch of sims.  If you need anything for your house, for your sim, this is the place to visit starting tomorrow.

IzzieBellah Hinterland from BoatHouse has some amazing creations at her mainstore, and out for the Home & Garden Expo. The boathouse is amazing, you can also get the BoatHouse dock with animations, the love boat for couples (yes it has a couple naughty animations), and the Dinner Dock with lobster dinner. (more after break)..

Home&Garden Expo -BoatHouse 2

The BoatHouse Dock with animated poses in the foreground, is loaded with animations on the dock and in the water.

Home&Garden Expo - BoatHouse 3

The Boathouse itself comes with furniture, couch, chair, rugs and wall prints.

Home& Garden Expo - BoatHouse 4

There is a working bathroom with shower and sink, both are animated.  It was a long day on the lake, so I had to brush my teeth!

Home&Garden Expo - BoatHouse 5

After a long on the lake, swimming, canoeing, it's nice to take a shower and then just relax on the couch on the back part of the boathouse.

The Home & Garden Expo begins in a mere few hours, and you can take the direct TP to BoatHouse at the H&G Expo.

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