Jun 1, 2012

Gabriel Hemp Loose Shirt (new)

Gabriel Hemp Loose Shirt (new)
Gabriel just released its newest creation for the dudes. The Hemp Loose Shirt with tank is one of the few summer releases I've seen, and this shirt is a must have!

The Hemp Loose Shirt comes with the loose shirt option (mesh), and it also has the tank option (mesh), and this is by far the best mesh tank top in SL that I've seen.  I could do a whole rant about that crappy full perm tank that is being sold on the MP is used by every start up store in SL, but that is for another blog post.  

Slip on by to Gabriel, check out the demo. The hemp loose shirt comes in blue, white, dark gray, light blue, pink, orange, olive light khaki, leopard, yellowish green, and probably a color or two I forgot to write down.

Skin: Belleza - Jacob 
Shape: mine
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes Azure
Shorts: A:S:S - Shipwrecked Shorts
Shirt/Tank: Gabriel - Hemp Loose Shirt w/tank (New)(Mesh)
Feet: Slink - Mens Natural Feet (mesh)

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