Sep 9, 2012

Goofing Around

Goofing Around
Today was one of those days I just wanted to goof around.  I had a picture saved that I wanted to try and style after.  Lots of issues with fitting mesh jackets overs mesh vests over mesh shirts!  I would find the perfect open jacket, but couldn't find a shirt that would fit under it.  I'd find the perfect shirt, but the vest wouldn't fit over the shirt.  I finally had to settle for the look in the picture (after 2 hours of trying).  Had a lot of fun with it, and might do more in the future.

Skin: Belleza - Jacob Pale
Shape: mine
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes Silver
Hair: [Iruco] - hair25(black)
Shirt: FATEwear - Smith Shirt - Tundra  (NEW)
Vest: FATEwear - Willard Waistcoat - Void  (NEW)
Blazer: FATEwear - Smith Blazer - Void (NEW)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - Devon Shoes
Glasses: LID - Comic Zine Readers - Black
Bag: FATEwear - bag the clothes are boxed in

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