Dec 5, 2012

Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club
Daphne Klossovshy from HANDverk embraces her naughty side. In the past, she made the Penis Pumps shoes for the ladies.  This time around for the guys she made the Man Cozy.  You can call it a cock sock, a schlong sling, weeny warmer, sock monkey, wank tank, whatever.  The Man Cozy will be at The Mens Dept starting in a few hours. The Man Cozy comes in two versions, relaxed and attentive, and there are za kwanzaa, little clause, chanukah, rudolph, and santas little helper.

Check them out at The Mens Dept HERE

Hair: Exile - Days Go By (New)
Scarf: FATEwear -  Harry - Volcano
Man Cozy: HANDverk

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