Jan 16, 2013

Cheeky Pea and The Four Walls Hunt

Cheeky Pea & Four Walls Hunt
Cheeky Pea recently released the Ansel set. The set comes with the sofa, coffee table,  terrarium, hanging light, bird cage candle, candle holders, and wall art frames. (not pictured but included in the set are a side chair, wall sconce, and books). The Ansel set can be grabbed at Cheeky Pea main store.

On the left wall is the Jones Hockey Set.  It is in the Four Walls Hunt which starts on Jan 17th.  The Jones set comes with Hanging Hockey Sticks, Frames, Hockey signs.  For more information on the Four Walls Hunt, check out the BLOG

Both picture frames for the Ansel set and Jones set, you can add your own pictures to the frames. 

Cheeky Pea & Four Walls Hunt 1

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