Jan 30, 2013

FATEwear - Edward Suit

FATEwear - Edward Suit
FATEwear just released a new line of suits called Edward. There are seven different types of suits in the Edward line, from the classic closed suit with vest to just shirt, tie and pants.  There is about every option in between including an over the shoulder jacket option that looks great.

I am wearing suit D, open jacket, no vest, with tie. It is basically the middle version of the seven suit options. There are seven suit colors, and you can purchase addition shirt and tie color options.

TP to FATEwear 

Skin: Belleza - Ethan Tan
Hands: [CheerNo] - Hands M_1
Eyes: Tuli - Spotlight Eyes azure

Hair: Exile - AJ
Suit: FATEwear - Edward Suit (New)

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