Jan 12, 2013

Gang/Cold & Cheeky Pea

Gang/Cold and Cheeky Pea
Three new releases I wanted to show you today.  Gang/Cold, Cheeky Pea, and Gizza all released new stuff.

Noemi Azambuja has been a designer in SL for a while, she spent some time doing clothes in Gor, but now she has switched to more mainstream clothes.  One of her first male releases under the brand Gang/Cold is the Badboy's Sneakers. The sneakers come with a hud that controls color and add spikes.  The Badboy's Sneakers are also unisex. TP to Gang/Cold

Cheeky Pea just released the Bruine Desk. It comes as seen in the picture, loaded with different poses and props (tea, pencil) to use with the desk. The thing that makes this great is it basically one prim. TP to Cheeky Pea 

Last week I blogged the new Gizza Casual Suit HERE (i'm wearing the blazer). Gizza just released some new colors of the suit, from plaids to solids. TP to Gizza.  

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