Jan 14, 2013

Sympatika - Drake Peacoat

Sympatika - Drake Peacoat
Sympatika is a new store to me, but I saw a picture for the Drake Peacoat on flickr and wanted to check it out.  Sympatika is only on the marketplace, but you can get a demo of the Drake Peacoat before purchasing it.

The Drake Peacoat is hud controlled, so you can texture the coat and the collar in one of a bunch of different options.  Check out Sympatika

Sympatika - Drake Peacoat on Marketplace
Sympatika - Drake Peacoat Demo
Sympatika Blog

Skin: Body Co. - Sky tan
Hair: Shag -  My Command 
Jacket: Sympatika - Drake Peacoat
Watch: K_gs - ARMY_Watch/Camo/Male
Bracelet: Mandala -  OKAKI Bracelet/Black
Glasses: K_gsDasel 1.00


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