Feb 6, 2013

New Decor

New Decor
A lot of new decor is out at FaMESHed and The Mens Dept.

The oh deer wall decor from floorplan, the MapMe Letters from Cheeky Pea, the arhus couch and table from kusshon are all available at The Mens Dept.

The Wanderer Bookshelf from Cheeky Pea (your choice of four countries), and the Gyroscope Floor Lamp and Gramercy Steamer Trunk from Trompe Loeil (part of a bed set) are all at FaMESHed.

Rustica just released a set of Mesh Drapes, what is cool about the drapes, you can add your own texture or color to them for a custom look to your house.  Head to Rustica and check them out.

from left to right..
floorplan. - oh deer wall decor @ The Mens Dept
DIGS - Nature's Way Rug [MESH]
End of Daze - Sea of Love Boat
:CP: - Wanderer Bookshelf - Australia @ FaMESHed
:CP: - MapMe Letters  @ The Mens Dept
EoD - Vice Trays 2
Rustica - Mesh Drape
[kusshon] - arhus couch gray & blue @ The Mens Dept
[kusshon] - lil couch table, lp 6, trans @ The Mens Dept
Trompe Loeil - Gyroscope Floor Lamp Rusty
Trompe Loeil - Gramercy Steamer Trunk Gray @ FaMESHed 

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