Feb 19, 2013

New Releases from End of Daze

New Releases from End of Daze
End of Daze has three new recent releases.  The Santa Fe Couch (left corner of room) comes in two different colors, light and dark color. it aslo has two different styles with each color

The Foxy Shelf (Back wall) comes in three totally different styles and sizes, the shelf perfect for putting little knick knacks.

The last of the recent releases from End of Daze is the Arcade (right corner of room), perfect for any man room.  It is loaded with both single and couples animations!

right to left: 
PILOT - Bridges Bar Cart
EoD - Santa Fe Couch (Light 2)
EoD - Foxy Shelf 3
EoD - Pool table Set (Red)
EoD - Arcade
POST: Old Mesh Area Rug

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