Mar 5, 2013

One Time, At Band Camp

One Time,  At Band Camp
One time, at The Arcade, I got this mesh doll head from Fashionably Dead, and a trumpet from Balaclava, and totally turned dork and dressed him up like he was at band camp.

I had some fun dressing up the doll head, it comes with a few different size shapes, and you can win a bunch of different heads. 

Doll Head: Fashionably Dead -  BB Doll Bumpkin (@ The Arcade)
Hair: Exile - Tidal 
Hoodie:  Lenox - 1994 Mens Hoodie
Shorts:  Not So Bad - Noam Shorts
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - low tops red
Trumpet: Balaclava (@ The Arcade)
Glasses: BALACLAVA!! Kip Glasses (black') - wide nerdy
Socks: FATEwear - Socks Ben


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