Oct 2, 2014

Dinner with the Smiths

Dinner with the Smiths

Out now at "Consensual" from Kuro is the Swingers Dinner set. It somes with 4 dining animations, 8 cuddle animations for couples, 15 naughty animations for couples, and 14 animations for 2 swingers couples.  Check it out and demo it at "Consensual"

Dessert with the Smiths  
TP to Consensual

Kuro - The swingers dinner (Peat)
+CONVAIR+ Ridge Island medium adult
+CONVAIR+ Ridge Kitchen medium adult
Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Table Black Top A
Trompe Loeil - Valiano Bistro Chair Black F
Cheeky Pea: Roux Coffee Station

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Oct 1, 2014



Deco just just released a bunch of new items, the beard, hairbase, boots, pants, cape, gloves, elbowpads, and goggles are all new. Just about everything released comes with different color options. If you're a fan of post apocalyptic, or something for the SL Halloween, go check it out.

TP to Deco

Skin: NIVARO- Crow Skin - springtone 
Hairbase: DECO - His Chopped Hair layer (coal)(NEW)
Scar: DECO - Alphamale scratched layer
Beard tat: DECO - Bandit Beard layer (coal)(NEW) 
Beard: DECO - Bandit Beard (coal) (NEW)
Cape: DECO - Bandit Cape (coal)(NEW)
Gloves: DECO - Bandit Gloves fitted (coal)(NEW) 
Goggles: DECO - Bandit Goggles (tactical head)(NEW) 
Pants: DECO - His Bandit Cargos fitted (oiled)(NEW) 
Boots: DECO - Roughneck 2.0 Boots (oiled)(NEW)
Elbowpads: DECO - Roughneck Elbowpads (fitted)(NEW)
Eyes: IKON - Spectral Eyes (right) - Quicksilver

Bandit 1

NR4S at Uber

N4RS at Uber

The "Uber" event is going on, and this months theme is "50 Shades". N4RS is participating, and you can grab the pictured bathroom set. The shower is loaded with a ton of poses, some nice, and some naughty. Head to "Uber" and check it out.

TP to Uber

N4RS -WET- Shower - MF - c
N4RS Shower Glass
N4RS Basin + FX 
N4RS Bathroom Mirror
N4RS Bathroom Towel Rail
N4RS Floor Towel

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Sep 29, 2014

Dutchie at Consensual (NSFW)

Dutchie at Consensual

If you didn't catch my first post about the "Consensual" event, you can check it out HERE. Todays post is for the femdom chaise lounge from Dutchie. The chaise lounge has 50 adult femdom animations, plus a sequence animation, and attachable wearable items. Head to "Consensual" and check out all fourteen designers, but do it before Oct 5th when it closes.

TP to Consensual

Sep 28, 2014

Sex Room

Sex Room

If you haven't heard, there is a event going on right now with all adult oriented furniture. The event is called "Consensual", it started on the the 26th and runs until Oct 5th.  There are fourteen total stores participating, so go by and check it out.

Pictured is the "Wrangler" set from N4RS, it comes with the Wrangler Chair, Wrangler Coffee Table, Wrangler 2-Seater - MF, and Wrangler BDSM Bench - MF. The 2-seater chair and the BDSM Bench are both loaded with poses.  Head to "Consensual" and check it out!

TP to Consensual

left to right:
N4RS Wrangler Chair - Black Leather
oyasumi / hinge lamp / black
N4RS Wrangler Coffee Table - Dark Smoked
N4RS Wrangler 2-Seater - MF - Black Leather
Kuro - Pipe lamp (black)
Sway's [Neal] Bra
N4RS Wrangler BDSM Bench - MF - Black Leather
oyasumi / kinky cross

Casual Sunday

Casual Sunday

The Mens Dept is set to close in a couple of days, so this is your last chance to take head that way. 2byte and Nerd:P combined to make the outfit I'm wearing, so go take a look.

TP to The Mens Dept

Skin: NIVARO- Crow Skin - springtone 
Tattoo: .Reckless. - West Coast High Faded
Face Tat: Speakeasy :: Anchor Face tat
Beard: Clef de Peau:Full beard:Dark
Hair: Action - Paul 

Ears: Cheerno - Human_EarsPLUGopen_
Bracelet: Izzie's - Belt Bracelet silver buckle
Jeans: [ 2byte ] waist shirts jeans L (@ The Mens Dept)
[ NERD:P x 2BYTE ] SWEATSHIRTS (@ The Mens Dept)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - All Stars - Men - White - Right
Watch: [Z O O M] Bess Classic Watch [PLATINUM]

Sep 27, 2014

Fall Cozy

Fall Cozy

left to right:

MudHoney Cactus Plant
%Percent - Jane's Friends Room Divider (Black/Bronze)(@ H&G Expo) 
[Breno] Travelling Plants
Kuro - Industrial flower
=EliBaily= Potted Nep Plant
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's Birdcage(@ The Liaison Collabortive)
Culprit Shag Rug Charcoal
[PM]Pixel Mode - Manchester - Wall Pipe (@ The Liaison Collabortive)
{vespertine - clipped print/be yourself}
{vespertine - clipped print/fauna deer}
{vespertine} absolutely nothing sign
Kuro - Cage lamp
:CP: Yukon Kitchen Rug
[PM]Pixel Mode - Manchester Bed (@ The Liaison Collabortive)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Manchester - Wall Light(@ The Liaison Collabortive)
Alouette - Meghan Clock - Dark (NEW)
[PM]Pixel Mode - Manchester - Endtable (@ The Liaison Collabortive)
Sway's [Neal] Books (NEW)
Sway's [Neal] Jeans (NEW)

Sep 26, 2014

We're All Caged

We're All Caged

Straitjacket - NoddyWear Straitjacket [softer shadows]

*paper moon* Horror Head Cage (@ Level Up)
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's Bird - Iron-Yellow (@ TLC)
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's Bird - Steel-Red (@ TLC)
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's Bird - Gunmetal-Blue (@ TLC)
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist's Birdcage (@ TLC)

Happy Friday

Happy Friday

It's Friday, almost the weekend!!  The Mens Dept ends at the end of the month, so you have a few more days to grab the safari vest from B.C.C. and the Spellbound Settee from Stockholm&Lima.

Skin: NIVARO - Crow Skin - springtone 
Tattoo: .Reckless. - West Coast High Faded
Beard: Clef de Peau:Full beard:Dark
Face Tat: Speakeasy :: Anchor Face tat
Hair: Action - Darmody 

Shirt: B.C.C Lazy afternoon safari vest set (@ The Mens Dept)
Pants: FATEwear Jeans - Skinny Billy 

Ears: Cheerno - Human_EarsPLUGopen
Shoes: 2Real - LOW CUTTLERZ  

Chair: Stockholm&Lima: The Spellbound Settee (@ The Mens Dept)

Sep 25, 2014

Patiently Waiting

Patiently Waiting

Skin: NIVARO - Crow Skin - springtone
Facial Hair: Clef de Peau:Full beard:Dark
Face Tat: Speakeasy :: Anchor Face tat
Hair: Action - Darmody 

Eyes: IKON - Spectral Eyes - Quicksilver
Ears:  Cheerno - Human_EarsPLUGopen
Shirt: FATEwear - Shirt - Robertson (NEW)
Pants: FATEwear - Jeans - Skinny Billy

Trompe Loeil - Classic Bathroom